Suicide Prevention/Intervention Workshop Kit

The first impression we get when arriving at an ASIST workshop, is that lots of people care and that it is ok to talk about suicide.

Stigma is broken down and we learn that thinking about suicide is something that is very common within our communities.

Step by step we learn what a person at risk needs and the best way to respond to their needs.

Confidence begins to grow as we work together through scenarios and a consistent relatable character, to learn how best to ask someone about suicide and what to do next.

By the end of Day 1 we have a lot clearer idea of the basic model used to aid someone at risk, however we may not feel too comfortable yet.

Day 2 the basic model becomes more detailed and in our safe atmosphere we put our learning to the test with lots of practice and lots of questions answered.

In small groups we practice what we have learned one on one and our confidence grows.

At the end of Day 2 our confidence is soaring and our hope has risen that we have the skills to be able to help keep someone safe for the moment from the threat of suicide.